Mental Health Monday – Week 89

This week I’d like to discuss keeping up the momentum.

Did you plan out how you’d like this year to go?

Did you create a list of goals to scratch off as the next 12 months go by?

I intentionally planned this year out & while I dreamt big, I also made goals that can be achieved & that are realistically attainable.

A week into the new year & I can proudly say I’m pleased with myself for the week I had.

Small goals have been met but it’s the consistency of them that keeps the momentum going.

Maybe you haven’t started planning or taking actions due to fear or self-sabotaging tendencies & that’s ok, it’s never too late to get going.

Everyday provides us an opportunity to get things done.

It helps to plan out what you’re envisioning by creating mood boards or mind maps, this is something I spoke about early on in the Mental Health Monday series so feel free to check out earlier posts.

I’m a huge fan of planners & calendars, preferably ones I can actually write in, but using your phone is just as fine.

As a writer, I think it’s important to pen my goals & set intentions in written form, but to each their own.

Once you get the planning done, it’s time to take action.

Taking action can be big or small, but nonetheless movement is required to move forward.

As you set daily & weekly goals you can start to see progress building.

Holding yourself accountable is key because truth is nobody can do this work for you.

Organize & delegate tasks to help keep yourself motivated.

Creating time for self-care is major, as well as giving yourself grace.

We all have our days but it’s up to us how we choose to spend them.

If you find yourself having a bad day, take time to feel your emotions & deal with what’s going on, but circle back to what you started.

Remembering why you started something in the first place should be enough motivation for you to execute it, if it’s not then maybe you need to rethink what you’re doing & why?

Choosing to do things that are meaningful keep us aligned with our true purpose.

Next, you want to build upon your previous achievements which also helps keep that momentum going.

Share your victories with likeminded individuals or those who support you.

Keep in mind that in order to keep the momentum going, you have to remember that keeping it up isn’t so much of a strategy as it’s the results of hard work & patience.

Momentum isn’t something you can force, it’s something where your daily efforts total consistent & steady progress.

Energy feeds off of energy.

A body at rest will remain resting.

A body in motion will stay in motion.

How will you decide to keep the momentum going in your life?


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