Mental Health Monday – Week 91

This week I’d like to discuss positively affirming your body.

As a child, were you positively affirmed?

Were you given the choice to express yourself through your clothing?

Were you oftentimes told “no” when it came to wanting to wear certain things?

I think growing up a lot of our parents didn’t have the choice to always choose.

I think that times were rough & they were lucky enough to have the things they did.

In turn that mindset trickled down upon us.

It made us tough, let us know that we need to work hard for the things we want & like but don’t necessarily need. – Ex. name brand clothing, shoes, etc.

Our basic needs were met & that was most important.

When children start to form their own personalities & style that is when you start to notice the individuality of them.

The need to express ourselves comes naturally as humans but how many times were you minimized?

Oftentimes our individual expression of self was minimized because it was too grand to understand.

As a kid I remember being very into myself & my clothing.

I remember being particular about my shoes or purses, yes even at a young age.

Those things never changed about me even now as an adult but I also recall times where I wasn’t always positively affirmed either.

I remember family members or even kids at school feeling like certain things were too “loud” or “different”.

Teachers called my mom often to advise her that I was a distraction to others whether it be because of my clothing, accessories, or even the type of school supplies I had. – Fun fact: growing up I loved Hello Kitty, I also loved stationary items, pens, pencils, notebooks, etc. so of course in true MML fashion my school supplies reflected my personality & teachers didn’t like that.

I remember family members poking fun about my bust size or my belly.

It was always “where you think you going with that on?!”… today when I hear that comment being made whether to me or others it’s triggering because we don’t need a reason to get dressed or feel good about ourselves.

Positively affirming your body starts with feeling so good from within it pours out.

We may not have been affirmed in the ways we needed as a child but now that we are of age, it’s our responsibility to make sure we are.

This will look & feel different to everyone as we all have different needs but affirm yourself & make the changes only you see fit.

Nobody should tell you what to do with your body or make you feel negatively about it.

I know it can be difficult but try not to let what others think or say impact how you view yourself.

Learn to love the reflection you see.

Give thanks for your body’s mobility & embrace yourself.

Everyday stride to become the person you want to see.


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