Mental Health Monday – Week 92

This week I’d like to discuss the difference between what you’re offered vs. what you’re worth.

A lot of us have been in a survival mindset where what we’re offered determines the way we view ourselves & our worth but never let what you’re being offered put a price tag on your worth.

I remember one time reading a quote from Lauren Eden that said “when you are not fed love on a silver spoon, you learn to lick it off knives” & that stuck with me… because in that moment I recalled all the times I accepted things that were completely unacceptable to appease others which in turn betrayed my inner-knowing & self.

Sometimes we accept what’s given to us because we’re made to think that’s all we deserve when in actuality we deserve the best of everything.

We need to stop accepting what’s given & demand more for ourselves.

Knowing your worth is an essential discovery of self & when you know what you’re worth you’ll realize the things being offered to you may or may not even move you.

The things people offer you only go as far as you view & see yourself, so believe & know you’re deserving of everything you desire.

Never confuse what you’re offered for what you’re actually worth.

People, materialistic things, & jobs, do not define you or determine your worth.

Learn to demand your worth wherever you go & do so unapologetically.


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