Mental Health Monday – Week 93

This week I’d like to discuss the art of enjoying the in-between space.

To truly enjoy something one must appreciate where they are in that moment.

It’s important not to rush where you’re headed because then the moment will seem fleeting.

Learn to enjoy the space between where you are & where you want to be.

In this space is where growth & adversity meet creating way for opportunities.

We as people, tend to always be so quick to get the next things started in our lives that we completely miss the moment.

The space between where we are & where we strive to be can be overwhelming.

Sometimes that space is a wave of emotions but when you reach where you’re going you’ll think back on where you are currently & feel a sense of completion.

Immense gratitude will wash over you when your presence grows from the past & walks into the future knowing all that’s to come.

Never give up on where you’re headed but always enjoy the trip there.


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