Mental Health Monday – Week 94

This week I’d like to discuss the threshold of how much we can obtain on our own.

For the past 93 weeks I’ve spoken a lot on how we should go about healing ourselves in a healthy manner & what that may look like.

Today, I want to discuss what the next steps are after that.

It may have felt progressive doing the internal work that was needed to heal our mother/ father wounds, addressing the childhood & adulthood traumas, holding ourselves accountable, ridding ourselves of codependent traits & learned/ programmed behaviors, rewiring our brains & learning to show up for ourselves, but now what?

A lot of us who’ve done the internal work know how disciplined we needed to become in order to become self-sufficient but there’s a limit on how much independence is needed before it starts to feel decremental.

While it’s necessary to have learned & unlearned certain things, it’s important we know that we can’t do everything on our own.

People need people, it’s what keeps the world spinning round.

We’ve spent a lot of time retreating, going within, & untangling ourselves from the dysfunctions of the world, only to realize that life is meant to be shared with someone who’s on the same wavelength as you.

Sharing your life with someone requires vulnerability, openness, affection, & transparency, making our rotation of energy join & come full circle.

In this next chapter of life after healing, be welcoming of love & compassion that others may extend to you.

Be open to building life & community with someone.

This next chapter will look differently to everyone, but as a collective, I see us stepping into this new role willing & committed to rebuilding the family structure for ourselves & others.

In the end, love always wins.


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