Mental Health Monday – Week 95

This week I’d like to discuss freeing your mind.

The ability of freeing your mind is important because it allows you to ground yourself from within.

Daily we have about 12,000-60,000 thoughts & roughly 80% of those thousands of thoughts are negative.

95% of those thoughts are repetitive from the day prior.

By freeing your mind you silence the negative thoughts by continuing to practice grounding yourself.

Practicing mindfulness is a conscious decision made daily to better enhance your life.

When you spend time committing to bettering yourself, everything begins to change.

The people in your life who avoid doing this work will become distant & the distance will grow into being at odds based off the work they avoid.

Freeing your mind also means freeing yourself from the things & people that hold you back from growth.

Commit to the highest frequency, friendships, relationships, passions, & purpose.


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