Mental Health Monday – Week 96

This week I’d like to discuss giving yourself the credit.

Most times the stress & pressure we feel is self-inflicted.

We need to practice giving ourselves the credit we deserve instead of waiting for others to acknowledge us.

When we heal our soul first, the mind & body will follow, this allows us to water ourselves with positivity & reaffirm healthier thoughts about ourselves.

Stop creating these self-inflicted struggles & celebrate yourself!

Learn to give yourself grace when things get rough.

Radical self-love is respect & we need to better respect ourselves so that we feel worthy of the credit being given to us.

Learn to give yourself the love & praise for making it happen everyday.

Little steps in the right direction lead to big movement.

Stop letting temporary circumstances & situations affect you so deeply.

When things don’t go according to plan, take a minute to breathe & keep going.

Learning to roll with the punches is key because sometimes things just are out of our control.

All in all, we deserve credit for rolling with the punches all our lives while living in a survival mode & if you’re still in that mind frame I hope this series along with the monthly tips help you combat the nasty thoughts you tell yourself.

If you’ve been doing the inner-child work, you most definitely deserve the credit for not allowing your circumstances to define who you are in totality.

Give yourself some credit for being different than you once were.


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