Mental Health Monday – Week 97

This week I’d like to discuss rewriting your story.

Between old programming which projects fear & a scarcity mindset upon us, along with the troubling & traumatic experiences we’ve endured, it’s sometimes hard to think there can be another narrative for our stories but rewriting your story can be something you do at any point in time, so why not start now?

Sometimes the destruction of the nest leads to the construction of the castle.

Don’t be afraid to start over.

Challenge your thinking & thoughts.

Change your perspective & be open to seeing both sides of a situation.

Don’t always resort to fight or flight trauma responses when you become triggered.

Learn to release the experiences you’ve had & believe that all is well.

You’re no longer where you were but if you continue to project your past onto your present, you’ll end up with the same results & repeated lessons.

Our lives have already been written, the lessons we have to learn or repeat are contingent upon us knowing how to navigate this realm but we still have free will & choices to make.

Those decisions propel us forward when good or they hold us back & keep us stuck in place until we’ve learned what was needed.

Try to make the decisions that get your heart pumping, sometimes being too logical is really just the ego having its way with you.

Operating from an egotistical perspective is a sure way to make decisions that continue to keep your heart space closed.

The best decisions made are the ones that crack your heart right open.

It’s the vulnerability of it all that keeps your light glowing & able to shine on all there is around you.

Rewrite your story, make sure you get the happy ending you deserve.


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