Mental Health Monday – Week 98

This week I’d like to discuss getting familiar with your anger.

Your anger can stem from knowing when you’ve been mistreated, neglected, disrespected, & disappointed.

Anger can even stem from jealousy you harbor within by living in comparison mode & not having the inner-standing of knowing that each of us aren’t meant to be the same.

It’s the emotional reminder you need to remove yourself from situations, people, & places that cause you dis-ease.

If it stems from jealousy, it’s the reminder that you need to internally reflect & transmute the ill feelings you project onto others.

Sometimes looking into your anger is painful because you may need to revisit an old wound over & over again before you’re able to truly transmute it but it’s necessary to do this to avoid becoming avoidant within yourself.

Learn to listen to your anger, as it’s misplaced emotions that had nowhere to go.

Women have a harder time acknowledging this emotion, whereas men solely acknowledge this emotion before any other.

Regardless of gender, we all have experienced anger & we all need to know how to get familiar with it to then let it pass.

This post isn’t to advise anyone to stay angry, I just think it’s healthy for us to familiarize ourselves with an emotion that’s normal so we can learn how to healthily express ourselves during & after feeling this emotion.

Some say anger is the part of ourselves that loves us most because it knows the pain we’ve felt/ feel, it’s said that when we acknowledge our anger that’s when it’ll leave & I’ll be honest… I’m not sure that’s true.

I think yes when we acknowledge any emotion or feeling that’s traumatic or triggering, it helps to lessen the pain caused by learning to dissect it & transmute it but… it can resurface & this is why I ask we get familiar rather than just act as if acknowledging our emotions makes those feelings disappear completely.

While acknowledging our pain is helpful in moving forward, it’s important to know that it can resurface & will, even if it’s in a new way.

Being angry can act as a protectant but sometimes it does more harm than good.

Anger can feel useful but all it does is hold you in place, familiarizing yourself with it can prevent you from spiraling out of control.

Getting familiar with your emotions gives your experience value, but our experiences don’t define our emotions in totality.

Going forward, acknowledge when anger arises within but don’t let it fester & cause dis-ease or debilitation.


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